In 2014 ProgressLex created an innovate community journalism program called EngageLex. We recruited 14 diverse change agents already working in their communities, and held a series of seminars on journalistic ethics & credibility, journalism in the digital age, storytelling, media production, and working with local government. We learned how ubiquitous & affordable technology could be used to create high quality media, and how to be more effective change agents; telling our stories with our own words. And in 2015 we will be recruiting another class of EngageLex fellows for 2015.

One of your most successful fellows was Josh Nazdam who took advantage of skills he learned in the seminars to create a series of interviews about the scourge of heroin addiction in Lexington. He collaborated with another EngageLex fellow, Christine Huskisson, to publish his writing, accompanied by videos, on the online magazine Under Main. Josh wrote:

“From 2002 to 2006 there was not one reported loss of a single person in Lexington to heroin. Not one. Even as recently as 2010 there was only one death – albeit one death too many – reported from heroin overdose. To go from that to 22 in 2012, and 44 in 2013, is nothing short of an epidemic. So how did we get here?

For me, this became more than just a societal issue, as one-by-one, several of the kids I grew up with were dying from abuse of this drug. After some tireless digging through the wreckage of this epidemic I began to piece together the clues.

This is an account of what I found.”


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And watch this interview with Governor Beshear produced by Josh, Christine, and Under Main: